Kajha v Kufu
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Kajha v Kufu

Finland Kakkonen Group C

2017-09-07 17:30:00 (This report was written at 2017-09-07 09:23:47)

Market Move Against Kufu ( 30.16 OCI )

Reason:Away Form

Kajha are 3rd from bottom with 4 matches remaining so need to get some points especially from these home matches and also with harder matches TP-47 and VIFK coming up need something today.Their recent form is Won 2 Drew 1 Lost 3 and Home Form is Won 3 Drew 1 Lost 2,only 1 loss at home in the last 5.The Head to Head record is Won 1 Drew 2.They are missing Erceg (mf 12/0) & Soini (gk 7/0) & Chidera (df 6/0).

Kufu are in 8th place with 21 points only 3 above Kajha.Their recent form is Won 3 Drew 2 Lost 1 and Away Form is poor Drew 2 Lost 4 they have won once in their last 8 away matches.They are missing Pellikka (att 12/1),Pöyhönen ( mf 13/0),Hiltunen (mf 9/1),Vlasov (gk 7/0)& Pöyhönen (att 3/0) & Kytilä (df 2/0).

Kajha 2.52 Draw 3.58 Kufu 2.30

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