Vatutin Alexey v Donati Matteo
OCI Reports

Vatutin, Alexey v Donati, Matteo

TENNIS Genova Italy Challenger

2017-09-07 13:30:00 (This report was written at 2017-09-07 10:45:23)

Market Move on Vatutin ( 48.19 OCI )

Reason:Recent Form

Vatutin is the much better player this year overall as he has some decent wins on clay and he performed really well against Olivo in the first round.There is no Head to Head record.He is Won 7 Lost 3 in the last 10 matches

Donati is in decent form and comes in as a Wild Card today.He is Won 4 Lost 6 in the last 10 matches all on clay.

Vatutin, Alexey 1.80 Donati, Matteo 1.89

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