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ABC RN v Santa Cruz PE

Brazil Serie B

2017-09-10 00:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-09 19:29:37)

Market Move on ABC RN ( 52.07 OCI )


ABC RN are bottom of the league with 16 points they are 10 points from safety of the relegation zone and today play direct relegation opponents Santa Cruz.They have Won 1 Drew 1 Lost 4 (no goals scored in the last 4 matches) and Away Form is Won 1 Lost 5.The Head to Head record is Won 3 Drew 2 Lost 1, the score was 1-1 last season.

Santa Cruz PE are 3rd from bottom with 23 points also in terrible form losing their last 6 matches.Away Form is Drew 2 Lost 4.Today they face a team with more need of points and it will be a battle.

ABC RN 2.27 Draw 3.09 Santa Cruz PE 3.05

Tokyo Verdy v Matsumoto Yamaga

Japan J2 League

2017-09-10 11:30:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 08:32:33)

Market Move on Matsumoto Yamaga ( 56.24 OCI )

Reason:Head to Head

Tokyo Verdy are in 8th place with 50 points.Their recent form is Won 4 Drew 2 and Home Form is Won 3 Drew 3.Today they have a tough match against Matsumoto Yamaga who are just behind them in the table and also fighting for promotion.The Head to Head record is Won 1 Drew 3 Lost 5 the match ended 0-4 last season and they haven't beaten them in the last 8 matches.They are missing Sawai (mf 8/0).

Matsumoto Yamaga are in 9th place with 49 points.Their recent form is Won 3 Drew 1 Lost 2 and Away Form is Won 2 Drew 1 Lost 3.They have a great record against Tokyo Verdy so it will be a close match today.They are missing Serginho (att 24/3),Okamoto (mf 4/0) & Hoshihara (df 1/0).

Tokyo Verdy 2.70 Draw 3.12 Matsumoto Yamaga 2.50

V-Varen Nagasaki v Tokushima Vortis

Japan J2 League

2017-09-10 12:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-09 22:49:01)

Market Move on Tokushima Vortis ( 70.72 OCI )

Reason:Head to Head & Away Form

V-Varen Nagasaki are in 4th place with 53 points.Their recent form is Won 4 Lost 2 and Home Form is Won 4 Drew 1 Lost 1.The Head to Head record is Won 1 Drew 4 Lost 3.No Team News available.

Tokushima Vortis are in 6th place with 51 points.Their recent form is Won 2 Drew 2 Lost 2 and Away Form is Won 4 Drew 2 .No Team News available.

V-Varen Nagasaki 2.97 Draw 3.06 Tokushima Vortis 2.33

Daegu v Pohang Steelers

Korea K League Classic

2017-09-10 12:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 07:29:06)

Market Move on Daegu ( 79.11 OCI )


Daegu are 9th, 4th from bottom with 27 points. However they are on a decent run of form with just 1 defeat of late (W3, D2, L1). They won this fixture 3-0 back in July.

Pohang Steelers are 7th with 34 points. Their results have dropped recently, with only 1 win from their last 9 games (W1, D3, L5). Their recent away from is also a concern (W1, D1L L6).

Daegu 2.43  Draw 3.19  Pohang Steelers 2.73

Adarve v Rapido Bouzas

Spain Segunda B Group 1

2017-09-10 12:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 08:56:05)

Market Move Against Rapido Bouzas ( 90.74 OCI )

Reason:Motivation & Home Advantage

Adarve have got 2 points from 3 matches so far and got knocked out on penalties by Logrones 4 days ago.They are a strong side from Madrid and today face the leaders from Vigo.They got promoted from the 3rd division and have invested in the team last season they had a great home record ending with a record of Won 7 Drew 2 Lost 1 in the last 10 matches.There is no head to Head record.No Team News available.

Rapido Bouzas come to Madrid as leaders of the table with 9 points and face a tricky match for them to continue their 100 % record.They also got promoted from the 3rd Division and ended with an Away record of Won 3 Drew 3 Lost 3.They are a surprise so far to be doing so well as have a limited squad and resources so their good start might come to an end today.No Team News available.

Adarve 2.29 Draw 3.02 Rapido Bouzas 3.01

Tenerife v Granada

Spain Segunda División

2017-09-10 13:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-09 23:21:36)

Market Move on Tenerife ( 57.86 OCI )


Tenerife Have got 6 points from 3 matches and should win against a team that has forgotten how to win.They had a great 0-3 away win against Rayo Vallecano in the Cup a few days ago.They reached the Promotion playoffs last season and lost to Getafe in the final.They are one of the favourites for promotion.The Head to Head record is Drew 1 Lost 1.They are missing Casadesús (att 23/2) & Villar (mf 31/10).

Granada have been in terrible form and have not recovered from relegation, they also lost 3-0 to Zaragoza in the Cup 4 days ago.They have drawn all 3 league matches so far but they haven't won in the last 16 official matches.They are missing Germán Sánchez (mf 32/1) & Montoro (mf 17/0).

Tenerife 1.97 Draw 3.15 Granada 3.90

Zirka Kirovograd v Chernomorets Odessa

FBUKR Premier League > Regular Season-17

2017-09-10 13:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 09:16:29)

Market Move Against Zirka Kirovograd ( 73.02 OCI )

Reason:Strange Move !

Zirka Kirovograd have got 8 points from 7 matches Won 2 Drew 2 Lost 3.They came 9th last season in the Relegation playoffs group ending the season with a Won 3 Drew 2 Lost 5.The Head to Head record is Won 1 Drew 2 Lost 3, last season 0-1 and they have lost their last 3 Home matches 0-1 to Chernomorets Odessa.They play a team with lots of problems so should fancy their chances.

Chernomorets Odessa are bottom of the league and in terrible form only 1 point from 7 matches and they have only scored in 2 of those matches,They changed their manager this week who in turn has put some of the under performing better players up for sale.They are playing with some new players and reserves in the team today so will take some time to gel.They have had financial problems as well so contract issues etc which has affected the team on the field.

Zirka Kirovograd 2.27 Draw 3.08 Chernomorets Odessa 3.02

Babelsberg v Nordhausen

Germany Regionalliga Nordost

2017-09-10 13:30:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 09:59:36)

Market Move on Nordhausen ( 61.18 OCI )

Reason:Head to Head Record

Babelsberg have got 8 points from 5 matches and face a team with the same points who they have never beaten.The Head to Head record is Drew 2 Lost 6 last season it ended 0-2.They are missing Dombrowa (mf 1/0) & Akdari (df 0/0).

Nordhausen have also got 8 points from 5 matches but a more defensive team only conceded 2 goals so far.They have the great Head to Head record and with their good defence can have a chance today.They are missing Genausch (att 1/0) & Chaftar (df 1/0).

Babelsberg 2.87 Draw 3.16 Nordhausen 2.31

Umea v Akropolis

Sweden Division 1 - Norra

2017-09-10 14:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 08:14:54)

Market Moves "AGAINST" Umea ( 63.11 OCI )

Reason:  ODDS

Umea are 2nd in the table with 35 points. They are unbeaten in their last 11 games (W8, D3). They have won their last 5 home games. They finished 8th last season.

Akropolis are 3rd in the table with 34 points. They have also been in decent form (W7, L1). They have won their last 3 away matches. They finished 3rd last season.

Umea 2.64  Draw 3.60  Akropolis 2.23

Gefle v Norrby

Sweden Superettan

2017-09-10 15:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 08:39:04)

Market Move on Gefle ( 66.48 OCI )


Gefle are 3rd from bottom (22 points) and sitting in a relegation play-off position. But their recent performances have been really good and given the players a much needed confidence boost (W5, D2, L1), including winning their last 3 games. They have doubts with Lokikanges (mf 11/0) and Hjelte (att 11/1).

Norrby are 5th from bottom (25 points). Their recent form has also improved (W4, D1, L2). But their overall away form this season has been pretty poor. They are missing Brandt (mf 17/1) and Istrefi (att 19/3), also Shala (df 7/0), Gashi (mf 5/0) and Pettersen (mf 11/2) are doubts.

Gefle 1.73  Draw 3.77  Norrby 4.09

Rigas FS v Jelgava

Latvia Virsliga

2017-09-10 16:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 07:14:07)

Market Move on Rigas FS ( 75.98 OCI )


Rigas FS are 5th (23 points). They are actually on a decent run at the moment, with just 1 loss in their last 8 games (W5, D2, L1). They have strengthened their squad and are starting to capitalize on scoring goals as well.

Jelgava are 6th (18 points). They are out of form, losing 4 of their last 5 games and struggling for goals. Their last league win was back in June. Some players have left, and they have just appointed anew coach and this will be his first game

Rigas FS 2.09  Draw 3.25  Jelgava 3.10

FC Copenhagen v Midtjylland

Denmark Superliga

2017-09-10 16:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 09:46:46)

Market Moves "AGAINST" FC Copenhagen ( 48.43 OCI )


FC Copenhagen are down in 7th (9 points from 7 games). They have had a hectic schedule playing in Champions League qualifiers. They now play Europa League every other Thursday, with the first match this week against Lok Moscow. They are missing Johansson (df 5/0), Toutouh (mf 4/0) and Santander (att 5/2).

Midtjylland are 4th (13 points from 7 games). They have been in decent form in the league, just one defeat in the last 6 matches (W4, D1, L1). They have been involved in Europa League qualifiers but were knocked out in the final round by Apollon. They are missing Kristensen (df 6/1), Romer (df 3/0) and Kraev (mf 2/0).

FC Copenhagen 2.08  Draw 3.40  Midtjylland 3.33

Erzurum BB v Samsunspor

Turkey 1 Liga

2017-09-10 16:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 12:58:02)

Market Move on Samsunspor ( 86.94 OCI )


Erzurum BB have got 4 points from 3 matches.They got promoted from the 2nd Division via the playoffs ended the season well Won 6 drew 4.They will play experienced and quality team Samsunspor today and a real test.There is no Head to Head record record.There is no Team news available.

Samsunspor have also got 4 points from 3 matches they were in the Superliga back in 2012 and being a large club have been unable to gain promotion.They are missing Ilkin (df 2/0) and Irkin (df 1/0).

Erzurum BB 2.63 Draw 3.27 Samsunspor 2.45

Monza v Pisa

Italy Serie C Girone A

2017-09-10 16:30:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 00:06:30)

Market Move on Pisa ( 77.34 OCI )


Monza have got 3 points from 2 matches after getting promoted from Serie D.They have kept most of the same squad and will find it difficult at this level and Pisa will be a real test.The Head to Head record is Won 1 Drew 2 Lost 5 (most of these before 2010).They are missing one of their best players Cori (att 35/10).

Pisa have got 1 point from 2 matches and they got relegated from Serie B and have a decent squad at this level.The players have to prove themselves and in this match they have a chance.They are missing Sanseverino (mf 15/0).

Monza 3.23 Draw 3.08 Pisa 2.14

Viterbese Castrense v Carrarese

Italy Serie C Girone A

2017-09-10 16:30:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 10:46:02)

Market Move Against Viterbese Castrense ( 63.85 OCI)

Reason:Team News & Fatigue

Viterbese Castrense are playing 4 matches in 10 days so will be tired by the time this match starts.Four matches played overall Won 3 Drew 1 in all competitions.The Head to Head record is Won 1 Drew 1.They are missing Cuffa (mf 29/1), Sforzini (att 9/1),Totolano (att 25/2),Di Paolantonio (mf 37/2),Varutti (df 37/1),Scardala (df 13/0) & Fe (df 4/0).

Carrarese have started off with two 1-0 wins in the league and including the Cup matches 2 Wins 2 Draws this season.They will be confident of getting a good result today.They have a full squad available.

Viterbese Castrense 2.41 Draw 3.03 Carrarese 2.82

Paksi v Honved

Hungary NB I

2017-09-10 17:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 06:59:58)

Market Moves "AGAINST" Honved ( 71.27 OCI )


Paksi are bottom of the league (6 points from 7 games). It been a mixed start to the season (W1, D3, L3), but the bottom line is only 1 win this season. They have lost their last 2 matches. They are missing Haraszti (mf 3/0) and Szakaly (mf 4/2).

Honved are 2nd in the table (14 points). It's been a very good start, with only 1 loss so far (W4, D2, L1). They have a very good head to head record over Paksi. They are the current champions of Hungary. They have no injury or suspension problems.

Paksi 2.70  Draw 3.16  Honved 2.44

Moghreb Tetouan v Olympique Club Safi

Morocco GNF 1

2017-09-10 17:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 14:04:23)

Market Move Against Moghreb Tetouan ( 102.80 OCI )

Reason:Team News & Neutral Ground

Moghreb Tetouan have to play on neutral ground whilst repairs to their own stadium continue.They ended last season in 12th place 6 points above the relegation zone.Their recent results in all competitions is Won 2 Drew 1 Lost 4.The Head to Head record is very even Won 4 Drew 4 Lost 4, they have only beaten Safi once in the last 5 meetings.They are missing Benhania (att 11/1) & Yassine Salihi (mf 7/5)is very doubtful.

Olympique Club Safi came just above their opponents in 9th place with 36 points.Their recent results in all competitions is Won 1 Lost 5 today they will have a chance for 1st match of the league at a neutral ground.They have a full squad available.

Moghreb Tetouan 2.27 Draw 2.88 Olympique Club Safi 3.15

Jonkopings Sodra v Norrkoping

Sweden Allsvenskan

2017-09-10 17:30:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 06:39:14)

Market Move on Jonkopings Sodra ( 79.24 OCI )

Reason:  ODDS

Jonkopings Sodra are 3rd from bottom (19 points). They are sitting an a unwanted relegation play-off position. Only 1 win from their last 14 league games. They are desperate for a win and much needed 3 points. They are missing Olssen (att 5/1).

Norrkoping are 7th (33 points). They are only 3 points from a Europa League place, they are 14 points off leaders Malmo. Their recent form has been up and down (W3, L5).  They are missing Blomqvist (mf 4/0).

Jonkopings Sodra 2.68  Draw 3.29  Norrkoping 2.51

Columbus v Sporting Kansas City


2017-09-10 19:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 10:02:15)

Market Moves "AGAINST" Columbus ( 45.53 OCI )


Columbus are 4th (42 points) in the Eastern Conference. They are playing well of late with 3 wins and a draw, including victories over LA Galaxy and Chicago Fire. They are likely to be missing Maloney (df 12/0), Crognale (df 16/0), Francis (df 12/0), Hansen (mf 13/1) and Artur (mf 20/0).

Sporting Kansas City are 4th (40 points) in the Western Conference. Their results have been very mixed and the reason being is they are fantastic at home and very average and ordinary away from home. But they do have a good head to head record over Columbus. They have a full squad.

Columbus 1.98  Draw 3.38  Sporting Kansas City 3,62

Stromsgodset v Rosenborg

Norway Eliteserien

2017-09-10 20:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 08:54:03)

Market Move on Rosenborg ( 60.01 OCI )

Reason:  QUALITY

Stromsgodset are 9th in the league with 26 points. They are on a good run at the moment and unbeaten in 5 games (W3, D2). A run of 2 draws and 3 defeats before is the reason why they are not higher in the table. They are missing Madsen df 11/0) and Glesne (df 20/1).

Rosenborg are top of the league with 41 points. After a run of 4 successive wins, they lost last time out, going down 0-1 at home to Haugesund. They have been playing in the Europa League and had two great performances in beating Ajax home and away. They play Sociedad this week in Spain. They have doubts with Hedenstad (df 19/2) and Hellend (att 16/4).

Info:  Rosenborg are going for a 3rd successive title win.

Stromsgodset 3.29  Draw 3.45  Rosenborg 2.07

Rayo Vallecano v Osasuna

Spain Segunda División

2017-09-10 20:30:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 11:16:48)

Market Move on Rayo Vallecano ( 92.71 OCI )

Reason:Quality & Away Form 

Rayo Vallecano have 1 more day rest after the Copa del Rey matches this week they lost 4 days ago to Tenerife 0-3.In the league they are unbeaten 5 points from 3 matches.The Head to Head record is Won 4 Drew 3 Lost 3 in their last 10 matches, they last played in a friendly in 2016 Rayo won 5-1.They came in MId Table last year and had a decent home record Won 5 Drew 3 Lost 2 in the last 10 matches.They are missing Manucho Gonçalves (att 38/5),Bangoura (att 22/1),Dominguez (mf 11/3),Baino (df 26/1) & Rat (df 16/0).

Osasuna got relegated last season and have lost most of their best players and started off with 2 points from 3 matches in the league and 3 days ago had an Extra-Time win in the Copa del Rey over Albacete.They have a terrible away form last 10 matches Drew 1 Lost 9.Today they are missing Kike Barja (att 38/8),Garcia (mf 19/2),Tienza (mf 19/0),Otegui (mf 17/1),Unai Garcia (df 22/0),Bonnin (df 11/0) & Buneul (df 12/0).

Rayo Vallecano 1.94 Draw 3.35 Osasuna 3.76

Renate v Albinoleffe

Italy Serie C Girone B

2017-09-10 20:30:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 15:29:43)

Market Move Against Renate ( 66.72 OCI )

Reason:Strange Move !

Renate have won both their matches at the start of the league 3-0 & 1-0.The Head to Head record is Won 4 Drew 1 Lost 2 last season it was 2-0.They are in good recent form Won 4 lost 1 of their last 5 matches.They have a few injury problems Malgrati (mf 29/0)Confalonieri (mf) & Musto (att 17/1).

Albinoleffe have lost both their matches so far and can't afford to lose a third one in a row.They ended last season in 9th place with a Won 2 Drew 6 Lost 2 record.Today they are missing Montella ( att 19/3),Pelicano (df 6/0) & Sbaffo (mf 25/2).

Renate 2.34 Draw 2.97 Albinoleffe 2.99

Vitoria v Fluminense

Brazil Serie A

2017-09-10 21:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 17:25:51)

Market Move on Vitoria ( 30.66 OCI )


Vitoria are 5th from bottom (25 points) and only goal difference is keeping them out of a relegation place. But last month they were bottom of the league, it's been a great turn around in performances and results that has seen them win 4 of their last 5 games. They are missing Ramon (df 10/0), Yaho (mf 14/1), Farias (mf 10/0), Eduardo (mf 7/0) and Lima (att 10/2).

Fluminense are 11th (30 points). They have lost their last two games, it's a run of just 1 win in 5 (W1, D2, L2) and they are struggling for goals. They are missing Marquinho (mf 11/0) and Calazans (att 11/0).

Vitoria 2.10  Draw 3.29  Fluminense 3.35

Rosario Central v San Lorenzo

Argentina Primera Division

2017-09-10 21:05:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 07:44:41)

Market Move on Rosario Central ( 69.29 OCI )

Reason:  TEAM NEWS

Rosario Central are in form and unbeaten in 5 games (W4, D1).

San Lorenzo are fully focused with the Copa Libertadores game with Lanus in midweek. Coach Diego Aguirre has confirmed he will rest his first-team tonight and use a line-up of reserves and fringe players. He has even named a few youth team players to make up the numbers in the travelling squad. They are already missing Rojas (df 13/0) who is suspended, also Botta (mf 16/0) is out injured.

Rosario Central 1.91  Draw 3.23  San Lorenzo 3.99

Portuguesa v Aragua

Venezuela Primera División

2017-09-10 21:30:00 (This report was created at 2017-09-10 16:11:59)

Market Move Against Aragua ( 73.96 OCI )

Reason:Away Form & Team News

Portuguesa have got 7 points from 8 matches and today take on Aragua who will be concentrating on their Cup match in 2 days time.The Head to Head record is Won 2 Drew 2 Lost 7.They are missing Vasquez (att 3/0),Carrizalez (mf 4/0),Riascos (df 10/0) & Pescara (df 20/0).

Aragua have got 9 points from 8 matches but will be concentrating on the 2nd Leg Cup match in 2 days time,they lost the first match 1-0 to Deportivo La Guaria.They have a poor Away record in all competitions Won 2 Drew 2 Lost 8 recently.They are missing Romo (att 25/3),Perraza (mf 20/1),Carrera (mf 7/0),Camacaro (mf 8/0),Torres (mf 15/2),Navas (mf 17/0) & L.Salazar (df 2/0).

Portuguesa 2.26 Draw 2.98 Aragua 3.11

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