Always bet at the very best prices, achieve the strongest returns over time, and plan your winning strategies more effectively with our unique web-based solution.

Key Benefits:

  • See what is moving in Asia, Europe and on the Betting Exchanges.
  • Compare global betting odds to always get the best price.
  • Receive OCI reports explaining market changes - straight to your mobile app.
  • Visualise key sports data using the TXODDS Moves, Changes and Arbitrage screens.
  • Set up unlimited 24/7 real-time alerts for big odds changes, new offers, Asian moves and more.

We currently offer the following service options:

1) TXTRADER: flagship subscription including the popular betting moves and information service, market and arbitrage news and moves, as well as customisable email alerts. A number of these are services are now available via mobile app.

2) TXRADER LITE: core subscription providing site access to pre-game odds comparisons, betting previews, market data and continuous updates, as well as arbitrage opportunities screen.

3) TX ASIAN HANDICAP (AHC): fully-live odds service, specific to South-East Asia region, providing screen-style updates for Asian handicaps, Over/ Unders and Running Ball odds.

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TXODDS Mobile App

  • TXODDS OCI Reports, Previews, Match Information App.
  • Delivering match information to your device as soon as it is published.
  • Receive event previews, soccer moves, and team news wherever you are.

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