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Pro Punters & Traders
Whatever the result, be the winner

Pro Traders
Always bet at the very best prices, achieve the strongest returns over time, and plan your winning strategies more effectively.

Bookmakers & Quants
Beat the global offside trap and customise your models

Never get caught out behind international price line moves, give risk managers and modellers the vital information needed to maximise profitable trading using the TXOdds data feed API.

Websites & Media
Be in total possession of complete information

Press & Media
Comprehensive txodds data for media, websites, applications, SEO, affiliates and widgets.

Access TXOdds professional data either via our web interface or directly in API through an XML odds data feed. Call us now on +44 844 826 5280 .

TXOdds covers a wide range of sports, including soccer, tennis, American Football, volleyball, baseball, hockey, basketball, boxing and golf.

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Historical Data

We have over 12 years of pregame data and 6 years of tick by tick in-running data, all fully timestamped. For all modelling and quantative analysis purposes.
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The World's Number One Professional Odds Aggregation Service

TXOdds has been offering global betting market monitoring for more than a decade. We are experts in the Asian handicap markets that are so crucial in setting the prices offered in other global sports betting markets.

Our powerful, proprietary technology produces the world's only zero-latency odds data feed from true, real-time monitoring of global betting markets.

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